In the last 13 years, we have managed to work with a number of clients in the business, public, NGO, development and private sectors in a number of areas including SMEs business development, microfinance and rural banking, health (malaria, HIV/AIDS and nutrition), water and sanitation, youth development, agriculture, tourism, education and rural energy. Some of our client relationships have retained us for over a decade, and we have seen these business relationships grow, which is a strong indicator of our success and reputation.

Our experiences include the following:

Small and Medium Enterprises and private sector companies

  1. Developing business plans
  2. Developing marketing and communications strategies
  3. Market development, linkages and value chain management
  4. Developing market information systems
  5. Institutional development and capacity building
  6. Market and economic study and surveys
  7. Training in enterprise development and business planning
  8. Economic appraisals and evaluations

Microfinance and rural financial services

  1. Product development
  2. Market studies and surveys
  3. Management of transformation processes
  4. Developing marketing and communication strategies
  5. Training MFI staff and clients in product development, client handling, customer care and marketing of MFI products

Cooperatives and farmers groups

  1. Identifying organisations eligible and suitable for funding by donors
  2. Project evaluations
  3. Institutional development and capacity building
  4. Developing business plans
  5. Developing marketing strategies

Government institutions

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Business planning
  3. Capacity building and training services in communication, public relations
  4. Capacity building and training in communication, public relations, customer care
  5. Post training evaluation exercises
  6. Preparation of investment selling prepositions and marketing packages for Tourism, Energy, Agriculture, Mining

NGOs and Development projects

  1. Social marketing and advocacy campaigns
  2. Project evaluations i.e. midterm and end-of-year evaluations
  3. Undertaking project efficiency evaluations and value for money audits