Workers’ wellness is now a top Human Resources (HR) function in many organizations in the developed world. Employees’ wellness is a major concern to all organizations because it determines the quantity and value of output the employee delivers. Many organizations are turning to outsourcing wellness coaches, advisors and wellness service providers to support staff with wellness information and services. Remember not all HR managers are wellness specialists. In most cases, tradition health workers do not offer all services that are currently on the wellness menu e.g. fitness exercises, stress management, general counseling and life survival skills, wellness coaching, nutritional counseling, nutrition education, wellnesssupplements, lifestyle coaching, sports nutrition, facial and aging information and health

Organisations are working with wellness companies and services providers to enhance their employees’ wellbeing, improve their performance, and reduce costs associated with human behaviour. This is turn contributes positively to organisational health and productivity through employee wellbeing programmes, training, critical incident services, and risk management techniques.

Services offered

1. Corporate Wellness Coaching

These are programs geared to help organizations assess their wellness programs to determine whether what they have meet acceptable stands. Specialists are used to coach staff as teams and as individuals to give practical wellness skills. Through this Corporate Wellness Program, you will be able to increase the healthy status of employees, improved employee morale, improved productivity, improved profitability, increased staff retention, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism and sickness related to wellness related issues. From our interaction with most HR managers and staff, we have appreciated that most organisations need expert advice, assistance and guidance on how to create a culture of health and wellness in the organization.

2. Wellness reminders

Using wellness experts in health, behavioural change, sociology and advocacy, we enrol people and coach and remind them about basic wellness issues which they always forget or take for granted, e.g. maintaining a fineness exercise regime. This we confidently do because of our experience and know-how, we are able to provide reminder services with regards to how to initiate, implement and motivate people to enjoy wellness reminders. The wellness reminder services work like religious preachers who remind their congregations week after week on how to live godly lives. Because we are human and we fail to do what we are supposed to do, we need a reminder to help us improve on our behaviour.

The reminder should not get tired to reminding people, and people should not get bored of reminders. Through this partnership, we will greatly improve our wellness culture and programs.

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