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Throughout my work on the African continent, I have noticed that most organisations in Africa are not emphasizing brand promotion and visibility. They are doing a lot of development work especially NGOs; however most of it goes unnoticed due to limited marketing, visibility creation and promotion. Corporate companies to a significant extent are trying but NGOs and development projects are generally not good at marketing and public relations. However development agencies like USAID, UKAID and EU among others require that their brands must be visible on each project they fund.

BrandVis services were started to assist and give opportunities to organisations to increase the visibility of their brands. We encourage organisations and individuals to subscribe to the BrandViz e-newsletter, at no cost, in order to get more updates on how to increase the visibility of their organisations.

In case you are interested in increasing the visibility of your brand please get in touch with Chris at the address below.


Chris Muhango, FCIM
Marketing Specialist,
CEO, Tig Marketing Consult, Plot 79, Bukoto Street Kamwokya cap
P.O. Box 33022 Kampala, Uganda,,

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