Climate change threatens the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals. It is reported that agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa – up to 90% of which is rain-fed – accounts for about 70% of the region’s employment and 35% of its gross national product. With the agricultural sector playing a critical role in economic development in Africa, changing climatic conditions affect food production, health and water resources in many countries. Current models of climate change suggest that crop yields could fall by up to 20%. Water shortages are projected to worsen, with as much as 10% less rainfall predicted in interior regions. Higher temperatures will increase water loss due to higher evaporation rates. As much as up to 40% of all development assistance and public expenditures could be lost due to climate change. It was in light of this looming threat that in April 2008, African Ministers of Finance committed to “effectively integrate and implement climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies into national and regional development frameworks”.

In Uganda, environmental protection has always been on the agenda of the Ugandan government particularly tree planting and wetland conservation under the Ministry of Water and Environment. Recently a Climate Change Unit was put in place to coordinate all efforts related to climate change i.e. adoption and mitigation activities. All these efforts have resulted in various stakeholders at both central and local levels, considering environment protection issues especially the promotion of tree planting, an integral part of most of their activities. Since the issue of environment is a concern of every living organism, different stakeholders including the private sector, NGOs, rural communities and local governments need to be sensitized and aggressively brought on board to participate in climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.

It is against this background that Tig Marketing Consult, a Ugandan based social marketing, advocacy and communication firm is coming up with the GREEN MARKETING campaign, to advocate for increased forest cover and promote community-based adaptation (CBA) approaches. This will be done through mobilizing the private and development sectors, NGOs and local communities to appreciate the climate change challenges and the possible roles each stakeholder can play to manage the challenge.

It is believed that all sectors should participate in GREEN MARKETING. It is also believed by many people that “information is power”. It is said, “People sometimes suffer due to lack of knowledge and information”. It is also said that “once people are informed, they are empowered”. Once people are empowered with information and effective advocacy is done through building partnerships, the public especially the rural communities will undertake innovations that will help them to cope with the changing climate.

“Do more than you degrade” –The slogan will be urging businesses that degrade the environment to contribute more to mitigation and adaptation activities i.e. more support to communities. Families are also expected to plant trees to cater for their wood fuel needs. Institutions are also expected to plant trees in proportion to their populations.

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